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The Big Scout - España

The Big Scout - España - FAQ

All about TBS/EGO

  • What is TBS?
    TBS is the abreviation of "The Big Scout" (EGO stands for "El Gran Ojeador", in spanish). It's a CHPP certified tool that automaticaly gathers the information of the best youth players in the national academies.
  • What is it good for?
    TBS allows to keep track of the best youth players in a country. Once the U- 20 scouts find a youth player interesting for the U-20 team they'll speak with the player owner to verify the player development and counsel the manager the best training. TBS is therefore a tool that helps the U20 scouts to carry on their duties.
  • Academies update:
    Academies update is done once every season (every four months), exactly the 19th of January, May and September at 4:00 AM(*). During this process first the list of existing academies is erased, then the program runs through all teams in the country, up to 10th division, and a new list is created with all the academies found.
  • Youth update:
    Youth update is done once a month, exactly the 20th at 0:10 AM(*). This process can last up to 20 hours(*). The program runs trough the academy list and retrieves all match data from the last 5 weeks (from the exact moment when each academy is procesed).
  • Match process:
    For each match the engine looks for the best players, those that performed at least 7 stars(*).
  • Processes:
    • All data from each process is permanently available.
    • If a player selected during the first process doesn't improve his perfomance in the second process, he won't be listed in the second process.
    • When selecting a certain process by the paremeters, all the collected players in that process and the next processes will be shown. In the above example, if process one is selected then all players in both processes will be shown. If process two is selected, only collected players in the second process will be shown.
  • Limitations and features:
    • Youth players profile
      Every listed player has his own personal page (accesible from htstats.com/youthplayer-youthplayerID) that includes a link to his senior team web page (along with the academy ID he belongs to), the country where he was born, his best perfomance including a link to the match where it was achieved and a link to a TBS table where can be found the global ranking of the player in that position.
    • Age:
      The primal limitation of TBS is that, as currently the youths data is unavaliable from HT, it's not posible to access it, as for example his age. This means that directly it is not possible to filter the players by their age. Ways to acces this data (just the same of the senior players) has already been asked to the HTs. Now it's just their work to create it and allow CHPP tools to access it.
    • Sorting Data:
      The players list is sorted by default firstly by the star rating and secondly by the player ID (in descending order). This implies that within the players with the same performance, those first listed are the last created and thus they should be the younger ones.
    • Other orders:
      The listing can also be sortered with these parameters:
      1. Player ID (descending order)
      2. Match ID (descending order)
      3. Player position (from goalkeepers to forwards) plus star rating (descending order) plus Player ID (descending order)
      4. Individual order (normal, offensive, etc...) plus star rating (descending order) plus Player ID (descending order)
    • Substitutions
      The substitution of the players is always taken into account by TBS, but as there is no way to know in which position the player was in the match line up page from HT, TBS also has no way to know the position, and these players will be listed with and unknown position.
    • Doping
      TBS avoids those over-performances improved by positive climate events. These events (keys 302 and 303) occur in case of powerful players playing while it rains and technical players playing in sunny days. Star ratings in such events are not taken into account as they are considered as "doping".
    • Walk-overs (WO)
      TBS works with exactly the same data we can see from the Hattrick web page. As such in case one of the teams didn't attend the match, the tool is also unable to obtain the perfomance of the players.
    • The neighbourhood boys
      The neighbourhood boys are special players created in Hattrick to fill in the gaps in the line up due to real players shortage. They have negative IDs and they don't belong to any academy, for these reasons they'll never appear in the TBS lists even if they achieve the minimun requisites.

(*): This data is specific for spanish TBS. The schedules for other countries are avaliable from the TBS page for each country..

English translation by Varth.

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